It might snowball poster

Unity | C# | Game Development | Game Design | Project Management

An 2v2 local multi-player snowfighting game. Player can choose to be a snowboy or snowman, each with its own abilities and cooperate with each other to defeat enemy team.

Project source code and exectutable are available upon request.

Game Trailer:

It might snowball is a design-engineering final proejct of EECS 494 Game Design class. It was accomplished by a 4-person team where I led the direction of development and idea.

Idea of the game came from tiring of the everlasting winter and endless snow in Michigan. I miss those years when I was a child and always got excited when it was snowing, and a group of children would go out to make snowman and play snow fighting. I wish to relive the experience with this game, and also play snow fighting with a snowman by your side is a cool idea.

A unity environment screenshot

I was in charge of the design and implementation of all the UI/UX and animations as well as part of game mechanisms. I also reviewed teammates' codes to debug and improve the functions. The entire process was fun and we had been receiving valuable feedback during each week's playtesting session.